At Chabad Hebrew School we help create Jewish pride and spiritual connections that last a lifetime. 
Our non-judgmental, friendly and inclusive policy means every Jewish child is welcome, regardless of affiliation, religious observance, or prior knowledge. Our diverse student body provides a setting where each child is comfortable and able to learn at a relaxed pace.

Dynamic curriculum which is hands on, practical and complemented by music and art.

Prayer: Students will say the morning prayers every morning at Hebrew school. Throughout the year, the children will learn the meaning of the different prayers, as well as being able to navigate throughout the traditional Siddur (prayer book). They will also learn about the structure of a synagogue.

Hebrew Reading: The children will learn the Hebrew alphabet, to the point of reading full Hebrew words. The Hebrew reading class will focus on the ability to read the prayers in Hebrew. 

Conversational Hebrew: The conversational Hebrew class will focus on learning the meaning of the Hebrew language. Through visuals and interactive tools, the children will gain basic speech and understanding of our rich language. 

Mitzvot: This class will focus on some of the basic Mitzvot in the Jewish tradition. The children will learn the meaning of these Mitzvot, how to accomplish the mitzvot with practical application. Every Mitzvah will come with a creative project to bring the Mitzvot to life. 

Holidays: As we go through the year, the children will prepare for each Jewish holiday, with background history about the Holiday, and how to celebrate it. The goal of the class will be to prepare the child to comfortably help lead the Holiday celebration at home with the family, by being familiar with the customs and traditions of each Holiday. 

Jewish History: This class will take the children through a fascination journey of our rich history, beginning with the creation of the world, until the destruction of the Second Temple. 

Judaica Art: The art class will have the children creating their own works of art based on what they learned. All work will be accompanied by a paragraph describing the meaning behind their work. This exciting, hands on class will culminate in a Jewish Art Show, for the children to showcase their work

Music: For children in grades pre-K- 2nd grade, we will have a weekly music class for the children to learn songs in Hebrew about the Jewish holidays, and Mitzvot.  


At Chabad Hebrew School the richness and beauty of our Jewish traditions come to life. Our dynamic programs will educate, stimulate and excite your children intellectually, emotionally and practically. 
We believe that a child’s Jewish learning must be creative, memorable and fun. Because at Chabad, children don’t just love to learn about Judaism, they learn to love Judaism too. Instead of merely imparting typical textbook lessons, our expert instructors share their own love and passion for Jewish life and teach by example too. From lively interactive classroom discussions to exciting hands-on learning programs, our unique learning experience will engage, excite, involve, and inspire young minds and hearts.


Our top priority is creating an interactive learning environment in which each and every child feels welcome. Every effort is made to ensure that the learning experience for each student is positive, stimulating and exciting. We go out of our way to ensure that every child is motivated, and engaged in thought-provoking activities.