Sukkot and Simchat Torah
with Chabad of Humboldt
Message from the Rabbi

It was truly an inspiring and uplifting Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur! I feel so blessed to have spent it with many of you, our dear community in an outdoor safe and responsible way.

Now that we have concluded the "Days of Awe" - Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur - it is time for "The Days of Joy" - Sukkot and Simchat Torah!

The boundless joy of Sukkot is a direct result of Yom Kippur; after the reflective process of Teshuva of Yom Kippur, the natural outcome is the celebration of Sukkot.

From the fasting and abstention to the continuous prayer and confession - Yom Kippur was designed to enable us to rise above the pressures of life and experience a more authentic version of ourselves.

At the core of each human being is a soul, a reflection of the divine. Each of us are wholesome and pure. Throughout our lifetime, and especially in 2020, we get distracted by so many things - politics, responsibilities of work, family duties, societal pressures - and we develop narratives of the world and ourselves that lead to inner conflict and anxiety. On Yom Kippur we strip away those invented identities and realign our lives with our deepest selves.

That's why we go out of our homes after Yom Kippur and move into the Sukkah. The home represents the comfort and security that we protect ourselves with. It's the convenient narrative of our life that we tell ourselves and others. It's the illusion that we can be happy by amassing possessions and status.

On Sukkot we leave all that behind and rejoice in the freedom of just being who we are. The joy of Sukkot comes from the realization that we are not defined by our possessions and nice homes. We are far deeper than that, and our lives are far more meaningful than that. We rejoice in the simplicity of our truest selves and in our unconditional relationship that we have with G‑d. It's a freeing feeling that we so desperately need today!

Torah describes the unique joy of Sukkot (Devarim 16:15): "Seven days you shall celebrate the Festival to the Lord... and you will only be happy." The joy that comes from buying something new or doing something exciting is limited and short-lived. The joy that comes from experiencing yourself is infinite and never dulls. The experience of Sukkot - and the lesson it teaches for the rest of the year - will lead to a life of profound and consistent happiness - only happy.


Please join us on Sunday at 1pm for Chana's 7th birthday party in the Sukkah!

The full Sukkot and Simchat Torah schedule is below.

Wishing you a Chag Sameach!

Rabbi Eliyahu Cowen

PS we still have a few more sets of "Lulav & Etrog" available. Contact me to reserve yours today!

Sukkot Celebrations!

Please join us for wonderful Sukkot events full of inspiration, traditions and delicious food.

Sunday, October 4th 1pm

soup and salad sukkah.jpg
Come celebrate the holiday of Sukkot together!
Shake the Lulav and Esrog.
Experience the joy, love, and unity sitting in a sukkah unveils!
Its our daughter Chana's 7th birthday, come wish her a mazel tov!

Fridays, October 2nd and 9th 7:30pm - RSVP REQUIRED 

A Shabbat dinner under the stars. Unity is palpable as we sing, laugh and enjoy a wonderful evening.
Limited spatial distancing seating available. Text Mushkie to reserve 707-633-3533

FULL Schedule
Sukkot 1st Night - October 2
Light Candles: 6:37pm
Sukkot Dinner: 7:30pm - RSVP ONLY
Sukkot 1st day - October 3
Morning Service: 10:30 am
Kiddush & refreshments in the Sukkah after prayers: 11:45am
Sukkot 2nd day - October 4
Morning Service: 10:30am (Hallel Lulav dance 11am)
Soup and Salad in the Sukkah: 1:00pm
Friday Night - October 9
Light Candles: 6:26pm
Sukkot Dinner and Shmini Atzeret Dancing: 7:30pm - RSVP ONLY
Shmini Atzeret - October 10
Morning Service: 10:00 am
Kiddush & refreshments in the Sukkah after prayers: 11:45am


Simchat Torah

Sat. night - October 10th
Light Candles after: 7:23pm
Grand SIMCHAT TORAH dancing: 7:30pm
Sunday - October 11th

Simchat Torah Dancing and Finish the whole Torah and start again from Berashit 10:00am

Holiday ends: 7:21pm

All events are at  the Chabad Jewish Center 413 Bayside ct
Lulav and etrog

Come Shake the Lulav in the Chabad Sukkah anytime thought the Holiday!

This is a mitzvah that is unique to Sukkot is the taking of the Four Kinds: an etrog(citron), a lulav (palm frond), at least three hadassim (myrtle branches) and two aravot (willow branches). The Midrash tells us that the Four Kinds represent the various types and personalities that comprise the community of Israel, whose intrinsic unity we emphasize on Sukkot.

Look out for the Sukkah Mobile driving around Arcata!!

Simchat Torah Celebration

Sing! Dance! Celebrate!

Sing and dance in celebration of the annual completion of the Torah reading. Young and old becomes the legs of our holy Torah, enabling it to dance.

Date: Sat, October 10th 7:30pm

Holiday Appeal

Increase your generosity of Tzedakah (charity) during the Holiday season and help share the warmth and beauty of Judaism here in Humboldt!

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