Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year, celebrates our relationship with G‑d. It provides a special opportunity for each of us to bond with our very essence, the part within us that forever remains close to G‑d.

It's a very serious day, but at the same time an undertone of joy suffuses it. A joy that revels in our connection with our Creator and expresses confidence that, as the doors of judgment close, our prayers will be accepted and we will be granted a year of goodness, life, health and happiness.

Tuesday October 4th:

6:35pm Candle lighting and fast begins

6:35pm Kol Nidre, Opening Service, Kids program


Wednesday October 5th

10:00am Morning Yom Kippur Service

12:30pm Yizkor remembering our loved ones

5:30pm Mincha and the story of Yona, Neilah Closing service

7:32pm Fast ends, light Break-fast will be served