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First Blog Post


So I was inspired by one of my congregants to start a blog (thanks Rachel! see her blog HERE). Here I was busy preparing all the things we'll need for Passover a mere 3 weeks away when I started feeling overwhelmed by the tremendous responsibility we have to ensure that every Jew in Humboldt should be able to celebrate their freedom. It got me thinking what about my freedom... I know, I know, we left Egypt thousands of years ago... but I still feel like a slave. With so many responsibilities how does one become truly free?

Then it dawned on me. We are all limited not by our tasks that need to get done but by our own self. By reaching beyond your own limits and doing something that’s out of your comfort zone you break out of all shackles holding you back and become truly free.

Like the Rebbe once said:
rebbe.jpg"Make a part of your life an act that takes you beyond your bounds, helping people that are not part of your family or circle of friends, doing something that does not fit within your own self-definition. Invite someone to your seder who you're not so comfortable with. At first, it may not feel so good. But you have set yourself free."

So lets all make a sincere effort to be truly liberated this Passover bringing about the ultimate liberation with the coming of Moshiach speedily NOW! 

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