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True unity and Joy!

The next few days (Sunday night September 27-29) are the final days of our High Holiday season. This is when we experience the ultimate joyous culmination of the Days of Awe of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur! The essence of the "Days of Awe" is submerged and concealed within the solemnity that accompanies them and only on Simchat Torah does that joyous essence [of our liberating and exhilarating teshuvah (returning to the quintessential core of one's being)] manifest openly.

These are the days that we finalize our inscription for a good, happy and healthy year, and we amass and accumulate joy & blessings for the whole year!
There's no better place to experience true spiritual joy than with Chabad!!
Come enjoy the spectacular spread of delicious and tasty holiday foods, wine and L'chaims, throughout the holiday. No charge for any of these events. (Call to sponsor a kiddush)
So put on your dancing shoes, bring an appetite and a smile and come on over for an incredible and happy Simchat Torah! Two days of nonstop joy!

Full Holiday schedule for Simchat Torah - the "Grand Finale" of the High Holy Days.

September 27
GRAND Dance with the Torah and gourmet buffet 7:45pm

September 28
GRAND Dance with the Torah and gourmet buffet 7:45pm

September 29
Followed by finish the whole Torah and start again from Berashit 11:00am