If you have never been to a Chabad service, allow yourself the opportunity to visit because you are in for a treat. Join us for our casual, joyous, and traditional Shabbat morning rituals. Our services are intended for the community to feel at home, and they include English/Hebrew prayer books, various English readings and poems as well as explanations of aspects of the service including the weekly Torah reading. The songs and commentary add meaning to the sense of the family and vibrant and growing community we are a part of. All are welcome to drop in for all or part of the services, and to join in for communal prayers, singing, and socializing all at your own time, pace and level of inclination. We are certain that you will find something that will speak to your mind, your heart and your soul. By becoming an active participant at Chabad, you will acquire lifelong friendships, an opportunity for spiritual growth, and most importantly a chance to be a part of your Jewish community.

The Shabbat Minyan

Comradery, songs, spiritual ambiance and connection with Hashem (G‑d) - this is what you feel when attending Shabbat services at Chabad. Here is where tradition meets transcendence. It is a mix between Ritual and Spirit, making it a truly divine experience.

The minyan is followed by a light Kiddush lunch, with salad and cholent, where the community members get to know each other and kibitz.

  Chabad Jewish Center
  Men, Women and Children
  Free - To sponsor a Kiddush Email [email protected]
  Every Shabbat (Sat.) morning
  10am - 1pm

Tefillin Club

The Tefillin club is a chance to spend time with G‑d, praying and connecting on a personal level, as well as bonding with “the guys”. A 'Jewish' breakfast of bagels, lox and cream cheese is served. Tefillin are not required and no experience necessary

It is a chance to ask the rabbi questions or get a perspective from the other guys. Of course we will learn something short together and occasionally have a speaker. Reservations are required so that we can prepare accordingly.

  Chabad Jewish Center
  Men and boys over 13
  Free - Sponsorship available
  3rd Sunday of each month
  10:00- 11:00 am

Join us and be part of it!

Holiday and other Services times

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